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10 Things You Didn't Know About Authentic Italian Foods

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Italian dishes are considered among the most authentic meals in the world, and for good reason too. The amount of expertise and care with which these meals are prepared and the ways they are eaten are some telling factors that make them stand out. This article will consider 10 facts about Italian cuisine that highlights their renowned uniqueness.

1. No Meatballs and Spaghetti in Dishes

No authentic Italian dish contains meatballs and spaghetti as they are considered standalone dishes that should be eaten separately. Therefore, you can't find both on an Italian restaurant menu as one dish.

2. High Focus on Ingredients Quality

Italians love to use the best ingredients when cooking, and their dishes are usually simple. They use few ingredients and ensure every one of them is high quality to produce a tasty meal.

3. Italian Dishes Have a High Focus on Quality

A portion of an authentic Italian dish is more vegetables than meat. The reason is typically attributed to Italy’s unique location - situated on the coast of the Mediterranean with access to lots of vegetables. However, some Italian dishes are eaten occasionally with fish.

4. Little Pasta Sauce for Large Bowl of Pasta

Italians believe that pasta is complemented by its sauce and do not think pasta is tasteless. So, an Italian-made pasta cannot be found drenched in its sauce as only two or three tablespoons are used on the giant bowl of pasta.

5. Italian Nutella is Different from American Nutella

The Italian Nutella is not the same as the American Nutella. Both taste slightly different because the American version contains hydronated fat and more sugar. Also, Italian Nutella is packaged in glass jars, while plastic jars are used for the American Nutella

6. Italian Expresso Do Not Contain Much Caffeine

Italians can drink their espresso right before bedtime without finding it difficult to fall asleep. This is because their espresso contains less caffeine than the typical American coffee.

7. Grocery Products Are Never Touched

You cannot touch the fruit or vegetables you see displayed at an Italian grocery store. All their produce is of good quality and fresh and if you touch them, be ready to hear some yelling.

8 Fruits in Meals to Aid Digestion

Italians do not have to worry about digestion after every meal as it always includes fruits or vegetables. A perfect example is an Italian salad that comes with slices of oranges.

9. Authentic Balsamic are Rare

Authentic balsamic cannot be found in a typical grocery shop as it takes a minimum of 12 years of aging before it is sold to people. It can cost around $45, above $100, while the gold label can cost $200.

10. Desert Pastries Are Eaten in the Afternoon

Dessert pastries are eaten in the afternoons by Italians. After dinner, they prefer to have some soft desserts, gelato, cakes, and tiramisu.

Dining at Scampo In Boston

Italian dishes are unique, and their history has proved that they are not be judged as most foods. This article has outlined 10 amazing facts that emphasize Italian dishes' uniqueness and originality. You can experience Italian food and culture at Scampo in Boston. Call today for a reservation and in the meantime browse our menu. We look forward to seeing you soon.