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How To Decide Between Ordering Fish Or Meat

fish or meat in boston ma at scampo

It’s a common conundrum: you’re out to eat at a nice restaurant and the menu features both meat and seafood. It all sounds delectable and you’re torn as to what to choose. Your server comes over for the third time and you still don’t know what to get, but the rest of your party is ready to order, so you must decide quickly.

If this sounds familiar, don’t fret too much. With a few helpful tips, you can order confidently the next time you’ve got a tossup between that New York strip or seared ahi tuna.

Is the Place Billed as a Steakhouse or Seafood Restaurant? 

We’ll start with an easy one. If the place is covered in cowhide decor or the staff are all wearing matching shirts adorned with a calamari mascot, it’s pretty safe to assume which kind of dish the restaurant prides itself on. This is usually a good indicator of what the establishment is known for and what their chefs know how to prepare to perfection.

What Are Others Ordering? 

Take a look at the tables around you. Do the patrons seem to be overwhelmingly enjoying meat over fish, or vice versa? Pay particular attention to anyone who seems to be familiar with one or more of the waitstaff. This is a good sign they’re a regular customer and probably have a good sense of what’s best to order. Count this as a point in one direction or the other as you tally up the score in this meat or fish showdown. 

What Are You Less Likely to Prepare at Home? 

This goes for anything, but if you’re less likely to prepare a dish at home, enjoy it while someone else is doing the cooking for you. 

Does Nutritional Value Matter to You? 

Here’s where things may weigh heavily in favor of one dish over the other. Seafood is packed with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and protein, while remaining low in calories and carbs. Meat—especially red meat—on the other hand, is typically only advised to eat in moderation due to its link to heart disease and cancer, among other health risks. So bottom line, if you’re looking for a healthier menu option, fish is the way to go. But if you’re out to treat yourself, a meat dish is likely the preferred option.

Put These Takeaways to the Test at Scampo 

Even when presented with the best of both worlds, these considerations will still help you the next time you’re torn between menu options. A meal at Scampo will never disappoint, but at least this list will save you the stress of being the last one ready to order during your next visit! Contact us today by calling 617-536-2100.